Par-T-Fork (Cocktail & Appetizer Forks)

$ 4.89

Par-T-Fork (Cocktail & Appetizer Forks)

Length: 3.25" 

Color Choices: Black, White, Silver, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange (Choose color from drop down menu)

Size: 30 or 60 Plastic Forks (Choose size from drop down menu)

Soodhalter Plastics sturdy and colorful cocktail & appetizer forks are the perfect accessories for your next event. Our "Par-T-Forks" provide a safe and easy way for guests to enjoy finger foods, fruits, cheeses, desserts and other appetizers. The 3 1/4” design adds an attractive and contemporary design to any gathering without the extra cleanup of using metal silverware or the waste of full size plastic forks.

Perfect for appetizers, fruit, cheese, desserts, finger-foods, and hors d'oeuvres

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