Products for Testing & Research

Our plastic toothpicks are found in laboratories and research facilities across the United States. They are widely used as blood mixing sticks and as identification and coding markers in biology and botany research.

Our research university customers include Duke University, University of Michigan, University of California, University of Nebraska, and Florida State University. Our products have been cited in the Annals of Botany [109:621-632, 2012], Trends in Bio Chemical Sciences [22(5):182-183], Journal of Coastal Research [30(4):815-824], and Journal of Visualized Experiments [(85), e51580, doi:10.3791/51580 (2014)].  

The bulk products are sold in the following sizes:

4-Aces: 1000 picks

Blood Mixing Sticks (Pic-A-Pic): 1000 picks

King Size: 1000 picks

Stir Stix: 100 sticks

Please note products listed on this page are intended for customers placing small to medium quantity orders. If you are ordering $200 or more or our products, please contact us directly for wholesale pricing at or 800-624-5348.

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