4-Aces - Patriotic American

$ 4.95

American Patriotic 4-Aces

Length: 2.75"

Color: Red, White, Blue

Size: 200 or 400 Plastic Toothpicks (Choose size from drop down menu)

Celebrate America with our Patriotic Picks

Great for all your End-of-Summer Festivities

Enjoy an appetizer or drink with Soodhalter Plastics “4- Aces” playing card picks. Our plastic 4- Aces picks are just the thing for garnishing drinks or tasty treats. These versatile 2 3/4” colorful picks feature a different card suit design (Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs) at the top and lend themselves perfectly to a poker party or any get-together.

Perfect for appetizers, finger foods, and beverages

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